Bianca Katipunan

Three air-conditioned kubos and a glamping hut — all for you and your fam!

It's just two minutes away from the beach!

You can't beat that view.

It's the perfect jump-off point to explore San Fernando!

Look at that view!

It's like a place from a dream.

You'll never want to leave!

Laidback luxury at its best~

How deep is your love?

You're sure to have a grand time.

Fall asleep right in the middle of the jungle.

Who knew Quezon City had such a gem?

And it's got a beautiful reef just a few meters away!

This KBBQ is as fresh as it gets!

Relive your favorite 'True Beauty' moments!


Get that resort experience with the luxury of privacy.

It looks like it came straight out of a design magazine!

Travel to the Maldives without bringing your passport!

Plan on finally getting out there? Do it safely!

We'd love to see more sari-sari-stores-turned-cafes!